X-ray fluorescence - Induc. Coupled Plasma


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Elemental compositions

Chemical analysis is used to determine the inorganic elemental geochemical composition of samples. Homogeneous samples are prepared by fusion in Li-metaborate/tetraborate or by dissolution in boric acid to make glass beads. The subsequent wavelength dispersive measurement allows the quantification of major and trace elements in rocks, minerals, sediment and water samples.

Qmineral offers elemental analysis through X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) or Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP). Chemical analyses can be complemented with the determination of the Loss on Ignition (LOI). Anion contents are determined from Ion Chromatography (IC) measurements.

Figure. Correlation graphs showing the relation between the amount MgO and total Fe2O3 with the Smectite content determined on a sample set of 20 shale samples.